Income Share Agreements

ENTITY Academy has partnered with MentorWorks in order to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to help make our Cybersecurity Virtual Academy more accessible! 


With an ISA, you pay $0 for the program until you secure a job post-graduation from the Cybersecurity program. Payment only occurs when you’re employed and earning above a predetermined minimum salary of $30,000. Our ISAs also have “payment caps” so you’re guaranteed to never pay us more than 1.5x your program’s tuition. 



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You must be eligible for full-time employment immediately upon program completion to qualify for an ISA (i.e. currently enrolled college students who have more than 4 weeks left until graduation do not qualify).


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How Payment Works:


ISA only kicks in once you’re making at least $30,000.


Then you'll pay 12% of your income for 42 months.

If your income falls below $30,000 your payments pause. We don’t charge you interest. 


Payments End When One of These Things Happen:

42 months




Deferment Period

Your ISA is over when you’ve made 42 monthly payments.

Your ISA is over when you’ve reached the payment cap of $11,250, only if you borrowed the full $7,500 tuition. The maximum you will pay is 1.5 times your ISA amount over the payment term, regardless of your earned income. 

The Deferment Period is up to 24 months. For every month you are in deferment, one month is added to the Payment Term (42 months). You are typically allowed to defer payments up to 24 months, after which it will reduce required payment months from your Payment Term. After a certain number of deferral periods, the payments will be forgiven.

Your obligation during the life of the ISA:

  • Your income share is the percentage of your future earned income you will owe in return for the ISA amount credited to your account with Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. It is not an interest rate or an annual percentage rate

  • Your income share is fixed. It will be based upon your income share rate and your ISA amount.

  • Your payments will vary based on your earned income. The total amount you will pay may be more or less than your ISA amount.

  • The maximum you will pay is 1.5 times your ISA amount over the payment term, regardless of your earned income. You may also pay the lower of this maximum amount or the then applicable pre-payment amount (less any payments made to date plus any outstanding fees) in order to extinguish your obligations before the payment term ends.

How Much Will I Owe?

If your annual salary is...

Your income share
percentage is..

And your term duration is...

Then your total payments would be:


($2,500 per month)


($3,333 per month)


($4,167 per month)


($5,000 per month)


($5,833 per month)






42 Months

42 Months

42 Months

35 Months

31 Months






If you'd like to see what your total payments would be if you borrow less than $7,500, then check out MentorWorks's loan calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below explain certain tuition and ISA features and terms, but do not override any terms in the Income Share Agreement (ISA) itself. Students should read their enrollment agreement and ISA contract(s) to carefully understand their terms.


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MentorWorks Education Capital provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) programs, which enable college and non-traditional students to complete their education without incurring up-front tuition costs. ISAs are alternatives to traditional fixed payment installment loans with which approved students will have their tuition paid and, once employed, will make payments calculated to a fixed percentage of their income, for a set period of time, up to a maximum cap, without accruing interest. Uniquely, MentorWorks also provides career development support, mentoring and access to employers through their online and asynchronous Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP).  

Cybersecurity Virtual Academy

ENTITY Academy is offering ISAs for our digital marketing program, The Writer's Collective+. Throughout this four-week online program, you’ll learn how to apply various tools and techniques to master social media, web analytics, and email marketing campaigns. We can get you ready to sell products, share ideas, and grow businesses in today's digital age. Apply today to secure your spot!