Starting on June 15, 2020

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Data Science

Virtual Academy


Data is everywhere. It’s collected by all kinds of organizations, from large enterprises to small businesses, and is used by companies to personalize customer experiences, deliver relevant products, and even mitigate risk and fraud. Modern businesses are awash with data, making data analysts and scientists increasingly valuable to a team. With this rapidly growing demand for data scientists, ENTITY Academy is here to provide you with a part-time digital program to help you build a career where you can make a global impact and get rewarded for doing so. 

No experience necessary. Our program will provide you with the skills necessary for entry-level positions in Data Science and Analysis, focusing on both the statistical and computational techniques required to derive meaningful business insights from data within any industry. Come change the world with us! 


TIME  |  33 weeks / 15-20 hours a week

COST | $15,000

  • Curriculum and instruction provided by Woz U and Southern Careers Institute: $13,300

  • Soft skills and mentorship provided by ENTITY Academy: $1,700


Statistical Programming (R)

Programming Foundations (Python)

Data Wrangling and Visualization

Machine Learning and Modeling

Business Analytics Training

Sample Courses


  • Basic & Intermediate Statistics

  • Extracting & Organizing Databases with SQL

  • Programming Foundations in Python

  • Machine Learning & Modeling Techniques​​

  • Metrics & Data Processing

  • ​Statistical Programming in R

  • Big Data Concepts with MapReduce & PySpark

  • Data Visualization with Jupyter Notebook & Tableau

  • Group Project Addressing Real-World Problem of Your Choice

  • 1-on-1 Career-Coaching Sessions with Mock Interviews

  • Building a Professional Resume and Portfolio to Present to Potential Employers​

Financing Options

Our students have taken advantage of different financing options to make this program possible. From payment plans to income share agreements (ISAs), we want to help you find the best solution to fund your career goals! 


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Job Placement

We will provide you with the right career services to help you land a job in data science. Not only will you have completed an industry-relevant curriculum, but you will walk away with an improved personal resume, strong interview skills, and a robust portfolio with real-world applicable projects to showcase to potential employers.


To take it a step further, we are connected with companies that are seeking data scientists to hire as soon as possible. Here’s your chance to work for your dream company.


Interested in starting your career in Data Science?

As one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, Data Science allows you to make a difference through problem-solving.  Join the Data Science Virtual Academy and be prepared for your future career. 

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