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Hear directly from the source on what the Data Science Virtual Academy is really like. In the video below, our students will cover everything from job opportunities in data science, to program prerequisites, to what sets ENTITY apart from competitors, and even the lasting effect of the ENTITY Mentor Network.

Get a sneak peek of our Data Science program!

ENTITY Academy Alum and Resident Writer for Buzzfeed, Hannah Dobrogosz sits down with 2 current Data Science Virtual Academy students: Jennifer Galo, an education and communication professional and lifelong globe trotter with over 10 years of experience teaching business and high-level academic English; and Leticia Guido, a classically trained vocalist, single mother, marketing professional, and small business owner specializing in business operations and organization. In the above video, they answer all of your burning questions about the program and talk through exactly what it means to be one of our many



ENTITY Academy is on a mission to close the gender pay gap by training, mentoring, and placing women in 21st century careers. And it starts by restructuring education to address the whole person and prepare them for the Future of Work. 


By attending ENTITY Academy, whether online or in person, you'll gain the competitive edge you need to build the career you want and join an ever-expanding network of #WomenThatDo. 

Mentor Network

Since its inception, ENTITY Academy has been adding mentors to our expansive network. These mentors come from a variety of fields including STEM, digital marketing, entertainment, business, professional sales, design, beauty, wellness and so much more! 

Check out our Mentor Network page to view a full list of CEOs, business owners, data scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to mentoring and uplifting the #WomenThatDo.

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