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Education Marketing Services

Since its inception in 2016, ENTITY Academy has been on a mission to close the skills, confidence, and wage gaps that disproportionately impact women and to prepare them for higher-paying in-demand careers.

The intentions, desires, and engagement in our community and social channels allow us to collect quality inquiries for education partners, from bootcamps to full degrees, in tech, business, art and design, healthcare, criminal justice, and trades. Our community comes to us for upskilling and moving ahead in their lives.

ENTITY Inquirers Get Complimentary Access to
Our New Upskilling Platform, LearningVerse

When inquiring students sign up for your learning programs, we also provide complimentary 14-day access

to 1 of 3 learning pathways in LearningVerse, our new platform for learning and upskilling:

BcLMRk.tif (2)_3x.png

Business Acumen

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

It's another reason the women who inquire are more intentional and urgent about jumping into new careers. We can also provide access to LearningVerse to your students as well.

Lead Generation Services

ENTITY provides student marketing services for a broad array of education programs. If you don't see yours listed here, please reach out to us anyway. We'd be happy to discuss your unique needs.








Criminal Justice


Art and Design



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