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ENTITY HQ: Los Angeles  July 13 - August 7, 2020



Come make a movie with us! This summer you'll have the unique opportunity to work with film professionals and award-nominated British director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, to create a film from start to finish, page to post, and submit it to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This four-week immersive is one of a kind opportunity to build a film from scratch. Experience pre-production, writing, casting, table reads, location scouting, filming, directing, acting, post-production, marketing, distribution, and more. You're not just shadowing, you're doing. This is a hot set and you can be a part of it. Due to the immersive nature of this ENTITY Collective, spots are EXTREMELY limited. Don't miss your chance. Apply today!

Attention writers: If you would like to submit a script for the pitch competition you must enroll before Dec. 1. The winning script will be produced in the summer of 2020.


LOCATION  |  Los Angeles, CA

COST | $5,000

LIVINGLEVEL Apartments (additional $2,500)




Casting and

Table Reads

On-Set Production

(Directing, DP, Crew) 



PR and



  • An understanding of the varied elements of Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

  • An understanding of how to make a film from start to finish.

  • Knowledge of how to sell your story and get your foot in the door.

  • Powerful mentor network of writers, producers, actors, agents, and more!

  • A finished film to use as a sample that will be submitted to The Oscars.

  • Improved self-confidence, focus, and sense of purpose.

  • Lifelong friendships.

Sample Activities

  • Agency and studio tours (past tours include UTA and Intel Studios)

  • Cultural and experiential activities (ballet and theater performances, art exhibits, cooking classes)

  • Flying lessons (depending on availability)

  • DJ lessons

  • Photography lessons

  • Boxing lessons / Krav Maga training

  • Mock Interviews and Resume Workshops

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ENTITY's mentor network is unparalleled. When you join ENTITY Academy, you'll gain access to some of the most powerful women on the planet, including award-winning actresses, producers, directors, screenwriters, and more.


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After just a week at ENTITY Academy's Entertainment Collective, I have learned more about the industry than I had in three years at Harvard. I now feel better equipped to pursue a career in entertainment as I have more clarity surrounding the various trajectories into the industry, how to conduct script coverage, and the fundamentals of networking. Access to mentors such as Patricia Arquette (actress and activist) and Jessica Poter (TV writer), and a tour of the renowned United Talent Agency have been invaluable to my growth as an aspiring film director and screenwriter.

Because of ENTITY Academy, I gained a great deal of confidence and I finally have a sense of direction in my career. I left ENTITY inspired, especially after talking to ENTITY Founder and CEO, Jennifer Schwab. I was in awe of her story. Seeing an Indian woman in her position made me realize that I, one day, want to be just like her.


Interested in starting your career in entertainment?

Whether an aspiring agent, producer, actor, studio executive or writer, you'll come out this collective with a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood.

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