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ENTITY Academy For Business


ENTITY Academy closes the skills, confidence, and wage gaps that disproportionately impact diverse talent. Lost in the hybrid work era are the social and coaching cues that model soft skills and behaviors for success in the organization for early career employees. Soft skills are cited as the most in need by employers, and schools are not preparing students with the abilities they need to succeed in the workplace. ENTITY Academy delivers high-impact mentorship at scale to close skills gaps and inspire excellence.


ENTITY Academy Career Catalyst hones soft skills and tailor-matches Mentor practitioners as coaches and role models to inspire and motivate talent. Over 150+ inspirational business leaders from across leading organizations guide and support diverse talent through our proprietary scalable learning platform, Peer-engaged, cohort-based learning enhances Mentee engagement and deeply embeds skills. Mentees refine their soft skills for the workplace, gain a deep understanding of the path to a successful career, and become highly valued team members in their organization. In an era when talent is a strategic imperative, ENTITY Academy provides the catalyst to accelerate the success of your team.


  • Enhance engagement and productivity for early career employees.

  • Support hiring from non-traditional diverse talent pools.

  • Improve retention of diverse talent.

  • Accelerate progress toward DEI goals.


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Mentor Network
150+ Mentors in senior roles at large companies

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Trusted Brand
7-year track record with learners and employers

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Collaborative, cohort-based learning platform


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Soft Skills Curriculum  
Soft skills, business acumen, and critical thinking

Life Practioner Icon.png

Live, Practitioner-Led 
Instruction from role models and career professionals

One-on-one Icon.png

One-on-One Coaching
Tailored one-on-one intervention and inspiration

Tailored Icon.png

Tailored Learning

Learning paths and mentor matching to optimize engagement

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Advanced Platform 
Learning hosted on proprietary advanced platform to meet needs of hybrid workforce


Over 150 Mentors, passionate about advancing diverse talent in the workforce, support our program participants as practitioner/instructors, 1:1 Mentors, and role models, including:

  • Sandra Lopez
    Former GM, Microsoft

  • Fernanda Sarmento
    Partner Strategist, Meta / Aditi Consulting

  • Soo-Youn Yi
    SVP Security Policy Governance, PNC Bank

  • Toby Usnik
    Head of Communications for British Consulate General NY

  • Ben Royce
    Business Development Specialist, Google Cloud

  • Lauren Burchett
    Former Director Advertising Sales, The Walt Disney Company


Established in 2016, ENTITY Academy’s modern educational methodology has helped close the skills, confidence, and wage gaps that disproportionately impact diverse talent. Today, ENTITY Academy is an upskilling and workforce development platform that trains, mentors, and helps early career talent achieve growth and success. We provide learning, inspiration, and motivation to diverse talent eager to become highly valued leaders in their organizations. Our goal is to accelerate the career launch of one million diverse employees through high-impact development programs.


Jennifer Schwab Wangers, the founder and CEO of ENTITY Academy, has one goal in mind: to empower diverse talent through mentorship. After leaving her job as a tax consultant at Ernst & Young to pursue her passions, and co-founding Sierra Club Green Home, a preeminent sustainable lifestyle website, she launched ENTITY Academy in 2016. Since then, she’s built ENTITY Academy to be the leading brand dedicated to educating, mentoring, and supporting diverse talent.

Proudly a minority and woman-owned organization.

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