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The Expert Press - Senior Editor

You could be the new editor for the Expert Press!

The Expert Press seeks a tech-savvy business news editor with strong interviewing, writing, and rewriting skills. Experience with opinion journalism is not required but is encouraged. Enthusiasm for helping experts share their perspectives in national media is a must.

About the Job

COMPANY: Expert Press TITLE: Senior Editor OPENINGS AVAILABLE: 1 opening available LOCATION: Remote SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday BENEFITS: Dental insurance, flexible schedule, health insurance, paid time off, and vision insurance HOW TO APPLY: You MUST submit your resume using the button below AND complete our Digital Marketing Skills Assessment.

Skills and Qualifications

This is the perfect job if you are…

  • Tech savvy and adept at conceptualizing, assigning, and editing news-driven content, including opinion, data journalism, analysis, listicles, trend pieces, how-to, second-day analysis, etc.

  • Collaborative – able to manage the expectations and communicate fluidly with subject matter experts, their compliance/marketing teams, and news editors to create the highest-value content for all parties.

  • The go-to person for turning tortured or technical stories into great reads.

  • Known for your fast, strong, accurate writing and editing skills, and your excellent headlines.

  • Capable of adapting copy to suit a range of publications and audiences.

  • A tech aficionado who enjoys using new tools to inform and improve your workflow.

  • Deeply curious. Do you see story ideas everywhere you look?

  • Well-connected in the journalism world.

Other desired qualifications:

  • Background as a business or financial news editor is a plus, as well as your deep knowledge of the fast-changing, tech-driven media industry. Mid-level management experience is also a plus.

  • Wire service alums/financial and business news editors, please apply.

  • The position is remote, though the ability to meet in person with news editors in the New York/Northern NJ media corridor will be valuable. There may be occasional travel to conferences, training, or all-hands gatherings.

  • Experience in one or more of these areas is desirable: Healthcare, Finance, Law/Consulting, Technology, or Higher Education.


  • Monitor news flow and propose stories to customers and editors, based on emerging news trends and our customers’ business objectives.

  • Write strong, captivating, engaging headlines.

  • Work closely with experts and their marketing teams to suggest and edit stories that appeal to a news audience.

  • Oversee drafting and editing of expert commentary for a wide variety of subject-matter experts. You’ll also use proprietary data tools to identify new, in-demand story ideas and facilitate publication of the articles.

  • Find, train, and assign freelance writers.

  • Work closely with the Expert Press technology team to develop and use new editorial software tools.

  • Place expert news articles at national publications based on your understanding of their audiences, their editorial calendars, and their immediate content needs,

  • Be enthusiastic about learning about sectors that include private equity, asset management, accounting/consulting, legal, venture capital, and healthcare, among others. You must be able to hold your own in leading conversations with experts in a variety of industries.

About the Expert Press

The Expert Press is a data-driven news platform for publishers and subject matter experts. They are a fast-growing news company focused on getting insight and information from people who have it to people who need it. They are powered by data science, AI, new business models, world-class editors, and a dedicated team of professionals who believe in the company’s mission.

At the XP, they help subject-matter experts become prolific, trusted contributors to national news and trade publications, bringing enormous value to readers and giving publishers new resources.


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