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Software Development

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Everything needs a website. Whether an organization is looking to sell products or services, inform, entertain, or educate audiences, they must have some sort of tangible presence on the Internet.  That is why Full-Stack Software Engineers are in high demand in all industries worldwide – and the demand is still growing. Companies need skilled developers who can build and design websites, programs, and applications that are functional and user-friendly. This part-time virtual program can help you train for a Software Development career so that you can not only change the modern Internet landscape but be a part of building it. 

Even if you don't have any prior experience, our preferred provider, Woz U, can help you master the skills needed to land entry-level positions in Software and Web Development. And to make sure you're ready to hit the ground running after graduation, ENTITY Academy provides soft skills training, mentorship, and invites you to connect with your peers and industry leaders in a supportive professional communityCome change the world with us! 

PROGRAM DATES  | November 1, 2021 - June 27, 2022 

TIME  |  33 weeks / 20 hours a week

COST | $15,000

  • Curriculum, instruction, and mentorship provided by Woz U: $13,300

  • Soft skills and mentorship provided by ENTITY Academy: $1,700


Software Development is the process of using tools such as coding languages to build, design, and maintain websites, mobile applications, and even games.


The in-demand field of software development provides you with a wide array of career options such as: Full-Stack Developer, Middle-Tier Developer, Desktop Developer, CRM Developer, Application Developer, Game Developer, and more.


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Programming and Coding Foundations

Website Development 


Database Management

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Responsive Design

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Web Security

Sample Courses


  • The Fundamentals of Coding using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Front End Foundations using AJAX, jQuery, and DOM Manipulation

  • Programming Foundations with languages like Java, C#, or JavaScript

  • Back End Foundations using Express, ASP .NET, or Spring

  • Database Creation and Manipulation with SQL​

  • Creating Mobile Apps & Responsive Design for iOS and Android 

  • Managing Software Development Projects

  • Deployment & Web Security

  • Group Project Addressing Real-World Problem of Your Choice

  • 1-on-1 Career-Coaching Sessions with Mock Interviews

  • Building a Professional Resume and Portfolio to Present to Potential Employers​

Financing Options

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This program will provide you with the right career services to help you land a job in software development. Not only will you have completed an industry-relevant curriculum, but you will walk away with an improved personal resume, strong interview skills, and a robust portfolio with real-world applicable projects to showcase to potential employers.


Here’s your chance to work for your dream company.

Job Placement


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What Makes This Program Different Than Other Bootcamps?

Up-to-date and relevant software development training 

Technical mentors available every day from 9:00 AM MST - 9:00 PM MST*

Career success services to help you land your dream job

Access to lectures for life

*While full-time mentors are available to help students with assignments, please be mindful that there may be a wait time if multiple students seeking assistance are in front of you.

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Upcoming Guest Speakers

Here are some of our upcoming guest speakers for our exclusive Fireside Chats with members of our Mentor Network. From CEOs to industry thought leaders, these are just some of the professionals you will have a chance to meet with and learn from as part of the Software Development Virtual Academy. From insights into their storied careers to engaging discussions about hot topics within the software development field, you never know what you'll learn. 

Apply today to learn more about how you can attend one of our Firesides.

Interested in starting your career in Software Development?

As one of the most in-demand  fields in the world, Software Development allows you to design and develop the next generation of websites and applications.  Join the Software Development Virtual Academy and be prepared for your future career. 

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