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SV Academy

Tech Sales Program


JUMPSTART YOUR TECH SALES CAREER | Get Trained. Get Mentored. Get Placed.

As the tech industry continuously introduces innovative services and products, tech sales roles have become more crucial than ever. The individuals taking these positions are typically referred to as Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). While SDRs don’t necessarily need to have a background in coding or computer science to be successful, they must have their finger on the pulse of all things tech, and have the business savvy to figure out the best customer for their company and execute winning sales strategies. SDRs are in the front lines of the tech biz, connecting with customers and clients, and coming up with the smartest solutions for their problems. 

With SV Academy’s Sales Development Program, you will develop an advanced skill set, become a part of a strong network and community, and get hired in a tech sales position. 


Plus, you will receive additional soft skills training from ENTITY Academy in areas such as confidence, collaboration, public speaking, and so much more! You will also have access to the ENTITY Academy Mentor Network and be invited to Live Speaker events. You won't just be gaining the indispensable hard and soft skills, you will be connected to the people who can take your career to the next level.


Tech sales is a field that is always in-demand, exciting, and lucrative. If you are an innovative, ambitious mind who wants to upskill in the non-coding side of tech, this course will give you the start that you need to break into the industry. 

PROGRAM DATES  |  February 1, 2021 - April 26, 2021

March 1, 2021 - May 24, 2021

DURATION  |  4 Weeks

COST | $100 commitment fee until you land a job after the program

  • 4-weeks of full-time training, job placement at one of SV Academy’s 400+ employer partners, 1-year-in-the-job career coaching, and lifetime access to SV Academy Community of top performers and sales leaders—provided by SV Academy: $10,000* in tuition to pay it forward in tuition for future students when you successfully land a job

  • Soft skills and mentorship provided by ENTITY: $499 (Waived for one year)

*Deferred Tuition available! 


  • Average starting salary: $79,000

  • Average bonus at your first tech sales job: $20,000

  • 60% of SV Academy graduates get promotions within the first year on the job


Sales Development

Program at a Glance:

  • 300 hours of training including a mix of small-group, instructor-led live online classes, self-paced work, and virtual employer projects.

  • After you complete training, they’ll help you land a job averaging $79K in income with one of their 400+ employer partners, with benefits and a clear career path. 

  • Once you're in your job, a dedicated career coach stays with you for a whole year. 60% of our grads receive promotions within that time.

  • Lifetime access to a community of experts, sales leaders, and alumni to power up your industry connections and influence.


Learning the Conversational Selling Methodology 


Generating Leads and Narrowing Your Prospect List

Applying Conversational Selling Across Multiple Channels 

Getting Results with Emotional Intelligence

Designing a Multi-Channel Outreach Approach

Sample Courses


  • Product Strategy Framework


  • Strategic & Tactical Roadmaps

  • Practical Agile Skills

  • Databases, API's & Technical Architecture

  • Analyzing Product Growth and Metrics

  • Entering the Market

  • User Psychology

  • Retention & Engagement

  • Key Web Technologies

  • 1-on-1 Career-Coaching Sessions with Mock Interviews

  • Building a Professional Resume and Portfolio to Present to Potential Employers​




I thought it was really sweet you couldn't find this position anywhere else. Since these are trying times, there’s been a general lack of jobs. Having first access to a job position through the ENTITY network is nice. It’s great to have a first look at jobs you can't find anywhere else.


ENTITY Community Member

I love the fact that I get to work with female entrepreneurs and work flexible hours from home at the same time. The ENTITY job announcements are great for me to access resources and opportunities that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

ENTITY Community Member





What sets Product Faculty apart is having a dedicated full-time instructor with an incredible network, the advanced and engaging content, sense of community and hearing from world-class guest speakers from some of the best companies in the world such as Shopify, FreshBooks, Loblaw Digital, Google, etc. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it."


The Product Faculty team spent so much time paying attention to detail to every aspect of the course for its students. From the curriculum to finding ways for every single person to connect and network with others; I would strongly recommend this course to any Product Manager looking to accelerate their career.


Alumni Testimonials





Deferred Tuition

Qualified students can attend SV Academy with their Deferred Tuition payment plan. With this plan, you pay $0 upfront to attend the program and only start to pay back your tuition once you land a job making $45,000 annually.

If you do not land a job within 6 months of graduating from SV Academy, you pay nothing for the program.

These Deferred Tuition plans are limited, so apply today and secure your spot with a one-time $100 commitment fee.


If you do not land a job within the first 6 months after graduating, you pay nothing for the program.


If your income falls below $45,000 your payments pause. 


Unlike a standard loan, with Deferred Tuition, you will never be charged interest.


You only start to pay back your tuition once you’re making at least $45,000.


Then you'll pay a fixed monthly rate of $555  for 18 months.


One-time commitment fee to secure your spot in the program.


Job Placement

On average, it takes SV Academy graduates 41.8 days to get hired after graduating from the program. 

This is because SV Academy will leverage their existing industry connections to help you advance in your careers. More than 400 companies hire SDRs from SV Academy. Plus, professional career coaches help you to identify the best match for your profile and personal goals, and ace the interview of your dream job. 

Once hired, you will have a career success coach to support you for an entire year as you take your first steps into the field.

Employer Testimonials

This is a market where it's hard to find great talent. It's really hard to find people who are willing to start at the bottom and work their way up, who are driven, and are going to progress quickly. SV Academy is that group. You will find talented, driven individuals who add to your culture, who make your customers feel good, who learn your product and solutions very quickly, and you will want to promote them. SV Academy is the best source of SDR talent on the market, bar none."


SV Academy alumni's biggest strengths are their growth-mindset and their hunger for candid feedback on how they can be better. They also have real adaptability and resilience. At fast-moving companies, where there's hyper-growth, things change really quickly and you have to be ready to roll with the punches sometimes to figure out what's going to be the new challenge. I think SV Academy brings forth candidates who are really ready to adapt to change, stay resilient, and stay positive throughout.


About SV Academy

SV Academy was founded to help people get their first break into the tech industry. Their mission is to help individuals build skills that today's employers are looking for and to connect people with leaders in the tech sector who can help elevate their careers. They also seek to democratize access to the tech industry for young professionals from different backgrounds and at all different experience levels. Their graduates are 60%  women, 40% African American/Latinx, and 70% are first-generation college students.

About ENTITY Academy

ENTITY first launched in 2016 as a fast-growing women’s media platform, serving as a home for thoughtful dialogue between a new generation of leaders, doers, and tastemakers. Each summer since inception, ENTITY has hosted women from across the country for a digital marketing training program that includes high-touch mentorship. The curriculum is curated to fill the skills gap between college and career in a way that has never been done before.