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Technology Sales

Online Program

Starting on August 23, 2021


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The ONLY Technology Sales program with:

Live, hands-on learning opportunities 


ACE CREDIT(©) recommended sales classes

Direct links to employers 

Program Details

PROGRAM START DATE  |  July 26, 2021 

LIVE CLASSES  |  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, EST

DURATION  |  13 Weeks

Why Tech Sales?

As the Global Digital Economy continues to grow, so does the need for individuals trained in technology sales. Top companies are looking for talented sales representatives who know the tools and techniques needed to keep their organization competitive.


And having tech sales experience is not just a boon to companies, but for people looking to enter the field as well. In fact, 37% of the 1.1M sales jobs in the U.S. today will pay $80K annually (Source:

Tech sales is a fast-changing, fulfilling, and lucrative career. Check out the number of jobs tech titans like Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, and AWS are hiring for and their anticipated year over year growth.

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Sales Job Openings: 471

Y.O.Y. Growth in Job Openings: 20%

Sales Job Openings: 3,465

Y.O.Y. Growth in Job Openings: 138%


Sales Job Openings: 3,550

Y.O.Y. Growth in Job Openings: 1000%


Sales Job Openings: 3,170

Y.O.Y. Growth in Job Openings: 167%



Get Trained

Through the curriculum provided by UMBC Training Centers and Virtanza, you will have the chance to discover different tech sales roles and apply what you learn to real-world employer role-play simulations.


You will learn important tools like Salesforce customer pipelines and the Groove sales engagement platform. You will participate in sales planning activities in order to learn to assess your sales aptitude, competencies, and strengths to position your skills effectively for the Technology Sales employment market. At the end of the program, you will also have a Credly Badge to put on your resume.

Students will also be learning important soft skills along their journeys such as public speaking, workplace best practices, communication,  and even empathy and self-confidence.


Get Mentored

Throughout the course you will be receiving mentorship and support from your instructors from UMBC Training Centers and Virtanza. You will also have access to ENTITY's Mentor Network, which has hiring managers, small business owners, CEOs, executives from Fortune 500 companies in a number of industries. These mentors come equipped with a "pay-it-forward" mentality and are eager to help the next generation of sales professionals. 

You will be matched with mentors and invited to Fireside Chats where these professionals can give career advice and insights. These are great opportunities to ask quality questions and network with the people who can help take your career even higher. 


Get Placed

Not only do the instructors at UMBC Training Centers and Virtanza give you the hard skills you need to land a job, but they will also act as career coaches to instruct you on how to perfect your LinkedIn profile and optimize your resume and cover letter for Tech Sales positions. Your instructors will also show you best practices for job prospecting and interviewing. 

Plus, you will be invited to make a profile on Virtanza's Employer Portal, where you could potentially be auto-matched to a hiring company. Through this portal, you will be able to post video introductions and a full display of your digital badged competencies and verified skills, including Trailhead accomplishments.

You will also have access to first looks at jobs being offered within the ENTITY Academy network. 


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Lead Prospecting and Discovery


Customer Needs Assessment


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Negotiation Techniques

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Persuasive Presentation Mechanics 

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Personal Branding for Job Placement

Learn Salesforce

In today's tech-fueled economy, Salesforce is the most common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool being used in the industry, which means having training in Salesforce is vital to getting hired. Through this course, you will earn badges in: 

  • CRM for Lightning Experience

  • Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience

  • Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience

  • Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

  • Chatter for Lightning Experience


This course has shown me things that have made me realize why I have failed in sales before, which is fantastic. I was good at sales before; this course has introduced me to things that would have made me great. I couldn’t ask for more from the instructors.

This is a FANTASTIC program, and I’ve learned a lot. The instructors care about the success of each and every one of the students. Animated, energetic, passionate feedback has been great, and we feed off of it. You guys set the bar!


About Virtanza

Virtanza provides universities, like the University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers, low-cost, high-results virtual sales training programs. College students, mid-level professionals, and even higher-level employees have taken advantage of their robust certification program. Their mission is to equip professional salespeople with new, technical skills while honing the natural sales talent they already have.  This course is broken into two modules, so make sure to register for both to get the full experience!

About ENTITY Academy

ENTITY first launched in 2016 as a fast-growing women’s media platform, serving as a home for thoughtful dialogue between a new generation of leaders, doers, and tastemakers. Each summer since inception, ENTITY has hosted women from across the country for a digital marketing training program that includes high-touch mentorship. The curriculum is curated to fill the skills gap between college and career in a way that has never been done before.

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