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Premium Wraparound Services

At ENTITY Academy, we strive to provide our mentees the best possible education to help them get skilled for a new career. That is why we don’t just teach them how to code or write articles or analyze data, we offer premium live and asynchronous Wraparound Services to populate the workforce with well-rounded female talent. We teach them the skills that will help them be confident and thrive at any organization and become #WomenThatDo.

These Services Include:

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  • Soft Skills Group Coaching
    (twice per week)


  • Business Acumen Lessons
    (led by Microsoft/former Intel Executive Sandra Lopez) 


  • Career Preparation Coaching
    (led by Microsoft/former Intel Executive Sandra Lopez)

  • Critical Thinking Workshops


  • Resume Production Hours
    (twice per week)


You must sign up ahead of time in order to attend each of these sessions. If you arrive at the event and you have not RSVP’ed, you will not be able to join the session. See disclaimer below for more information.*

Subscription Plans


Live Wraparound Services



Basic Access Wraparound Services


Allows attendees to participate in all live coaching sessions and access asynchronous content on the LearningVerse Platform.

Access to videos of live sessions, pre-recorded content, and industry-relevant insights and reading materials on our LearningVerse platform.