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An ENTITY Apprenticeship program.


Gain the valuable skills needed to get your career started in digital marketing. Through our online program, you’ll learn how to apply various tools and techniques in social media, web analytics, and email marketing campaigns to sell products and ideas in our digital world.

Our ENTITY Apprenticeship program in Digital Marketing is an online immersive where you'll learn valuable digital marketing skills in media, branding, and business; hear from expert speakers; and schedule one-on-one mentorship sessions with ENTITY mentors. Not only that, but we’ll help you get placed in an internship to apply your digital skills.


  • Attend classes virtually on your time 

  • Participate in projects and assignments

  • Build your portfolio and publish on entitymag.com

  • Access our custom learning management system for easy access to courses, speakers, and more!


  • Gain digital access to ENTITY speakers and presenters

  • Match with an ENTITY mentor

  • Receive two (2) digital mentor sessions to help guide you


  • Virtual Academy with Mentorship
    Placement - $5,000

*Some ISAs are available for people who are eligible for full-time work.


  • Our ENTITY Apprenticeship program for Digital Marketing consists of placement into an internship opportunity with one of our partnering companies.*

*If we are unable to offer you an internship option within a year, we will refund you $2,500.


Search Engine Optimization


For Web

Graphic Design and Content Creation

How To Build

Your Own Brand

Social Media Monetization

and Marketing

Current Courses

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Digital Journalism: Writing for Web (Best Practices)

  • Social Media Monetization and Marketing

  • How to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

  • How to Build Your Own Brand with Graphic Design Tools (Adobe InDesign)

  • Sourcing and Fact-Checking in the Digital Age

  • Finding Your Happy (Mentorship Worksheet): How to Discover What You Really Want

  • Marketing: Customer Journey and User Acquisition 

  • Job Skills: Creating a Resume that Pops

What's Included

  • Digital access to ENTITY Academy classes via our custom learning management system

  • Digital access to ENTITY Speaker Series

  • Access to recordings (classes and speakers) for up to one year

  • Opportunity to publish on ENTITY's site

  • One content piece published to ENTITY social channels (with editor approval)

  • One-to-one virtual mentor sessions

  • Resume-building and job hunting skills

  • Internship placement after completion of 4-week program

Job Placement

We will provide you with the right career services to help you land a job in digital marketing. Not only will you have completed an industry-relevant curriculum, but you will walk away with an improved personal resume, strong interview skills, and a robust portfolio with real-world applicable projects to showcase to potential employers.


To take it a step further, we are connected with companies that are seeking digital marketing professionals to hire as soon as possible. Here’s your chance to work for your dream company.

Income Share Agreements

We offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to help make our programs more accessible! 


An ISA is an agreement between ENTITY and you, which allows you to pay for the program, only after you secure a job post-graduation from ENTITY Academy. Payment only occurs when you are employed and are earning a salary equal to or above $25,000. Click the link below to learn more! 


Pay nothing (not even a down payment) until you get a job that pays a salary equal to or above $25,000.


Once you land a job, you’ll pay 12% of your income for 18 months or until you reach a payment cap of $10,000. The ISA is capped so that you’ll never pay more than $10,000, no matter how high your salary. 

You must be eligible for full-time employment to qualify for an ISA (i.e. currently enrolled college students in their freshman to junior year do not qualify).


"I would recommend ENTITY Virtual Academy because it teaches you different skillsets within marketing. People can become experts in subjects like SEO, Facebook Ads, and graphic design; and after the Academy, they can dive more into that and create a career out of it."  


“I'm applying for jobs and now I feel like I have more of the requirements for a writing position; with SEO and understanding social media marketing a bit more, I feel like [I'm] a stronger candidate.”


"One thing I like about ENTITY Virtual Academy is that it keeps up with the trends and how digital media changes year to year."


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