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Elevating Diverse Talent

Our Mission

ENTITY Academy closes the skills, confidence, and wage gaps that disproportionately impact diverse talent. We are motivated by the fundamental belief that anyone has infinite potential and that background or opportunity gaps should not be barriers to future success.

Our Story

Our Core Values

We are Mentee-obsessed.

We define Mentees as those who are early on in their career seeking support in accelerating their path to success. We are dedicated to helping our Mentees advance in the workplace while also addressing personal growth through soft skills development. We are constantly evolving our technology, cutting-edge content, and modern mentorship methodology to create a platform through which our students can realize their full potential.

We are a dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals.  

We hire extraordinary individuals who are highly effective collaborators and communicators. We believe in good judgment and strategic thinking. We use data to inform our intuition and to drive results. We raise each other’s game by working together.

We embrace the journey. 


We are courageous, creative, and agile. We bring joy, humor, and determination to our work.  

We are inclusive. 

Inclusivity is table stakes at ENTITY Academy. By creating a sense of belonging, people can do the best work of their careers. To that end, we invest in each other with the same commitment we give our Mentees.

We communicate and collaborate.

Authentic and clear communication is the foundation of successful teamwork. We communicate fearlessly and work together to drive the business forward. We solve problems with courage and candor. We instill a sense of ownership, responsibility, and self-discipline into everything we do.

We are nimble and precise.

We manage challenges as soon as they arise. No grass grows under our feet. But speed is not everything — we also strive to be precise. We put our best foot forward to create polished work for all stakeholders.

We anticipate and adapt.


We create durable solutions for companies’ greatest and evolving talent challenges. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in the latest trends and research around workforce challenges.

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ENTITY Academy's History

Founded in 2016, ENTITY Academy emerged in Los Angeles, California, as a trailblazing women's education and media company with a bold mission: closing the gender pay gap. Dedicated to empowering women for success in the 21st-century workforce, the academy focused on comprehensive training, mentorship, and career preparation.


As ENTITY Academy evolved, so did its mission and operational landscape. Transitioning into an innovative online upskilling platform, the academy now aims to address the broader opportunity gap. The emphasis shifted towards supporting all diverse talent in their endeavors to accelerate their careers.


Central to this evolution is the Career Catalyst Program, a cornerstone initiative offering impactful soft skills training. This program is fortified by a world-class network featuring over 150 ENTITY Mentors, creating a dynamic ecosystem for skill development and career advancement. ENTITY Academy continues to stand at the forefront of empowering individuals, fostering diversity, and bridging the gap to unlock opportunities in the ever-changing professional landscape.

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