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The Future of Work for Women

ENTITY is a one-stop shop for women to upskill so that they are relevant for the future workforce.

Our Mission

We are closing the gender pay gap by training, mentoring, and preparing women for careers in the 21st-century workforce. We are motivated by the fundamental belief that women have infinite potential and that background or opportunity gaps should not be barriers to future success.    

Our Story

Our Core Values

We are student-obsessed.

Our team sees education and equality as a fundamental good, and education as a space in which to constantly improve.  We see our students as whole people, and we are dedicated to helping them find not only a career they like, but build a life they love. We constantly innovate and learn through technology, cutting-edge content, and modern mentorship to create a platform through which our students can realize their full potential.   

We are a dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals.  

We hire extraordinary individuals who are highly effective collaborators and communicators. We believe in good judgment and strategic thinking. We use data to inform our intuition and to drive results. We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to produce high-quality work and come up with big ideas, with the goal of integrity above all, and the humility to learn and to grow. We celebrate our colleagues’ skills, intelligence, and drive. We raise each other’s game by working together. 

We embrace the journey. 


We are courageous, creative, and agile. We bring joy, humor, and determination to our work.  

We are inclusive. 

We believe that when people feel trusted and empowered, they are able to make a difference with their work. This starts by creating a space where you feel welcome, and from there you can do the best work of your career. To that end, we invest in each other with the same commitment we give our students. Good ideas come from anywhere, and we are open-minded in pursuit of the best ones for our company.

In our offices and in our programs, we celebrate diversity on all levels. At ENTITY, how we approach each other - how we treat each other, trust each other, hold each other accountable, learn from one another, and support one another in doing our best work - is as important as the work itself. 

We communicate and collaborate.

Authentic and clear communication is the foundation of successful teamwork. At ENTITY, we share a responsibility to communicate fearlessly and to work together in a way that drives the business. We manage challenges with courage, candor, and selflessness, seeking feedback and ideas to find what is best for ENTITY, rather than what is best for an individual employee or team.  We insist upon respect and decency at all levels, regardless of someone’s status or disagreement with you.  

In practice, this means that we share information, ideas, and insights frequently and constructively. We take the time to clearly express our goals and ideas, articulating what we are, and are not, trying to do. We listen well and seek to respond, not react. In doing so, we aim to instill a sense of ownership, responsibility, and self-discipline that inspires us to do excellent work. We empower, enable, and encourage each other to constantly raise the bar.

We are fast and accurate.

We are fast and efficient workers. We work diligently to come up with solutions to problems as soon as they arise. But speed is not everything - we also strive to be precise. We put our best foot forward to create polished, accurate work before we call it a day.

Our First Headquarters

ENTITY is a women’s education and media company based out of Los Angeles, California. When we looked for our first home, we loved the irony in tearing down the walls of an old guard men's fraternal organization known as The Knights of Pythias, and opening its doors to a new era of #WomenSupportingWomen.

Founder/CEO, Jennifer Schwab, acquired the building in 2016 with the intention of transforming this old men’s club into the home base of ENTITY Academy. By 2017, she executed a design program to accommodate students from across the world for an extraordinary learning experience. 

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