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Interview with ENTITY Academy Founder/CEO Jennifer Schwab on Cheddar News

Cheddar News: ENTITY Academy Raises $100 Million


Entity Academy, an edtech startup that trains, mentors and places women in tech roles, secures $100M

Women have made great inroads into the tech world in recent years, but there remains a long way to go before we reach a truly equitable state of affairs in workforce numbers, remuneration and product development. An edtech startup called Entity Academy — which provides women with training in areas like data science and software development, mentoring and ultimately job coaching — has raised $100 million on the heels of strong growth of its business and an ambition to improve that ratio.

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Loans Tied To Student Employment Attract Investor Interest

Meanwhile, on 7 October, Entity Academy, a Henderson, Nevada-based school exclusively for training and reskilling women in areas such as data science and software development, reportedly raised $100 million in financing from student lender Leif to be used to help students finance their Entity Academy tuition. 

As a result of the increased access, Entity Academy's student body is more diverse than it was before the school offered such loans, Jennifer Schwab Wangers, founder and CEO of Entity, told Mergermarket in September.


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Entity Academy plans Series A for women’s reskilling, CEO says

Entity Academy, a Henderson, Nevada-based school exclusively for training and reskilling women, plans to raise at least USD 10m in a Series A equity round beginning this month, said CEO Jennifer Schwab Wangers.


The company is likely to target ESG investors for the round, she said. This year, the company is projecting at least USD 6m in revenue. It would be at breakeven if it were not reinvesting in growth, she added.

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ENTITY: Empowering Women of All Ages and Closing the Gender Pay Gap

While in her twenties, Jennifer Schwab hoped to find female mentorship in her professional life and kept coming up empty handed. She honed her craft on her own: through a lot of trial and error. While she ended up with a successful career, Schwab wanted to ensure that the next generation of women had a smoother path. In 2016, she founded ENTITY, which began as a women’s media platform (ENTITY Mag). Over the years, it blossomed into ENTITY Academy with the mission to support women in business by closing the gender skill, confidence, and wage gap. 

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Female Disruptors: Jennifer Schwab Wangers of ENTITY Academy On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

"To disrupt the current four-year education model, new programs must promote an environment of self-actualization, both personally and professionally. Our holistic approach to female-focused professional training and mentoring has proven to be a clear market differentiator, particularly as the higher education system undergoes tremendous change."

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2022 Best Tech Startups in Henderson

“ENTITY is an Edtech company that is closing the gender wage gap by training, mentoring, and placing women in 21st century careers.

ENTITY has a unique blueprint for upskilling women that can be leveraged across industries. Our future orientation focuses us on areas of the job market where women are traditionally underrepresented, such as: data science, digital marketing, software development, and sales.”

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Teamwork Makes The Green Work

The Deal Room: 

"ENTITY Academy, an edtech startup that trains, mentors and places women in tech roles, secures $100M."

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ENTITY Academy Launches Writer's Collective in Collaboration with UCLA

"ENTITY Academy is collaborating with UCLA Extension to create "The Writer's Collective In-Virtual-Life" to offer best in class digital marketing career training. "This is not just another online course," explains Jennifer Schwab Wangers Founder-CEO of ENTITY. 'We have spent many months crafting a curriculum and student experience that will provide the hands-on training needed for our female students to be job-ready at the conclusion of our course - which lasts only four weeks!'"

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ENTITY Academy Secures $10M in Tuition Financing

"ENTITY Academy has partnered with Leif, the full-service Income Share Agreement Management Platform, to launch and manage the program. "Leif's best-in-class technology and expertise enables us to efficiently launch our ISA program, allowing us to focus on maintaining our high-quality learning and mentorship experience. We believe the sky is the limit for what we can accomplish with this program and partnership."

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ENTITY Academy Set to Provide a New Generation of Women With Affordable Education Thanks to Leif

"It is in this time period, as post-grads metamorphose into professionals, that many young women find themselves wading in a sea of self-doubt – who to trust, what mentors to follow, and how to conduct themselves professionally in a manner that is both advantageous in building a strong network and clear career path.


10 years ago, the above may have seemed like an insurmountable task to accomplish. Thanks to ENTITY Academy’s mentorship and guidance, a new era of post-undergrad education has been born, built specifically to serve this need."

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How ENTITY Academy Provides All The Benefits Of Diversity

"As ENTITY Academy has grown over the last few years, diversity has remained one of CEO Jennifer Schwab‘s top priorities. ENTITY’s approach focuses on drawing women (and men) not just from different ethnicities, but from different backgrounds, belief systems, and identities."

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ENTITY Academy Collaborates With UCLA Extension On Writer’s Collective

"ENTITY Academy collaborated with UCLA to offer digital career training through its three-week Writer’s Collective In-Virtual-Life program, according to a press release published earlier today.

The course brings together ENTITY Academy’s coursework, mentorship program, and real-lifeexperience philosophy to help prepare students for leadership roles in digital marketing."

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Opinion: Is There Hope for the Gender Pay Gap?

"Only 7 percent of women attempted to negotiate their salaries, in comparison to 57 percent of their male counterparts. 

This happens for a number of reasons, but in my experience I’ve seen that it’s mainly because women tend to assume they’ll be recognized and rewarded for working hard and doing a good job. Unlike men, they’re not taught that they can and should ask for more. Calling this to attention in itself can bring us one step closer to equal pay.”

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5 Ways To Modernize Mentorship And Make It Relevant In The #MeToo Landscape

"Your job as a mentor is more than getting your mentees through one door. The way I see it, you should invite your mentees to the table and allow them the space to contribute to different parts of the business. Yes, they’ll make mistakes along the way; but this will ultimately help them master more tangible skills, leaving them more knowledgeable than when you first met them.”

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13 Hacks That Will Make Your First Day At A New Job So Much Easier

"'Do more listening than talking,' she tells Bustle. 'People will ask you questions and want to hear about you, so be friendly and provide good, but not-too-detailed, answers. Save some of your cards for future hands. A bit of mystery, especially at first, is a good thing at the office.'”

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ENTITY Academy Secures $10M in Tuition Financing to Help Women Break Into Digital Marketing Careers

"ENTITY Academy, a female-focused Edtech company that offers training in digital marketing, data science and other future focused skills, today announced closing $10M in financing to expand its Income Share Agreement program. The new capital will allow ENTITY Academy to increase access into its Writer's Collective Digital Marketing program by helping females of all ages achieve their professional potential through an outcomes-aligned form of education finance."

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In Boyle Heights, Young Women Are Learning to Be Leaders

“Women who are in a position to mentor younger women need to be proactive about reaching out and paying it forward,” Jennifer Schwab notes. “We need to offer what we’ve learned to help other women who feel like they have to bootstrap on their own.”


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I Am A Recruiter And Here Are My Negotiating Tips For Women

"Jennifer Schwab, Founder of ENTITY Academy, a six-week long mentorship program for young women entering the workforce, coaches women to negotiate their first job offer. 'Ask for the compensation you desire – it can be a mix of salary, bonuses, equity, profit-sharing options or expense accounts.'"

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5 Boring Skills You Need to Master to Be Your Own Boss

"To truly become your own boss, you need to build a strong foundation of skills. I always tell young women to not underestimate the value of 'boring' skill building. Even if you’re not 2000% excited about your current job, mastering the tangible skills most entry-level positions teach you is highly valuable and could propel you into a position you are excited about."

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11 Online Quizzes That Help Determine Your Biggest Personality Strengths & Flaws

"Similar to the Myers-Briggs test, EN Personalities — which was created by millennial mentorship website ENTITY — asks questions that are relatable to the lives of millennial women. Do you save work projects until the last minute? Do you gain energy by meeting new people?"

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9 Expert Tips for Asking for a Raise—Because You're a Badass and You Deserve It

"'It’s not enough to just want to be paid more,' Schwab says. 'When negotiating a raise, general numbers aren’t going to cut it. Once you’ve finally worked up to starting the conversation, you need to come prepared with exactly how much you expect to earn.'"

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Another 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders Share The Most Important Lessons They Learned from Their Experiences

"Jennifer Schwab is an outspoken entrepreneur, visionary and disruptor with one goal in mind: to inspire, support and empower all women, not through words, but ACTION. As a woman of color she knows what it's like for women who have to work twice as hard to get half as much."

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These Are the 9 Biggest Mistakes Women Make During Job Interviews, and Don't Worry, We've ALL Been There

"It might seem obvious, but Jennifer Schwab, founder of ENTITY Academy, a mentorship program that trains young women who are entering the workforce, says not learning enough about a company is a problem that crops up more often than you’d think."

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A Website You’ve Never Heard of Scooped Everyone on a Great Donald Trump Story

"ENTITY seeks to empower, educate and mentor young women in all aspects of their lives. We do this through our robust media platform, social channels (reaching over 15 million women per month/4 million+ engagements per month) and our ENTITY Academy — a six-week, high touch, closely supervised, mentorship program for women aged 17 to 24."

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Donald Trump Met with TMZ Founder Harvey Levin in the Oval Office Last Week

"According to a report from Entity, President Donald Trump summoned the founder of TMZ–Harvey Levin–to Washington. On November 18th of last year, Fox News ran a special called OBJECTified: Donald Trump, hosted by Harvey Levin. Fox news greenlit another ten episodes to run this fall."

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Trump Takes Meeting With TMZ’s Harvey Levin (Report)

"The founder of the Los Angeles-based celebrity gossip site was invited to the White House to meet with the president sometime last week, according to a report by TMZ did not immediately return TheWrap's request for comment."

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NextGen 10: Philanthropy, Art, and Culture - Maria Nguyen, Founder, "The Art of Plating"

"[Maria Nguyen is] devoted to the exhibition of gastronomy as a form of high art, focusing on the process and artistry involved in creating modern haute cuisine.

Q: Local companies you admire.
A: Hedley & Bennett, Juice Served Here, Entity Mag."

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Trump Grants Oval Office Meeting to TMZ Founder

"Mr. Levin, whose White House visit was first described on Tuesday by the website, is a lawyer who gained prominence as a commentator on the O.J. Simpson trial."

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