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Women lose out on $900,000 in earnings in their lifetime due to pay gap

"Some young women are turning to upskilling, training in emerging fields such as data science in order to boost their earnings potential, said Jennifer Schwab, the CEO of ENTITY Academy, which specializes in bootcamps for women who want to switch to fields such as cybersecurity or software development.


'They see in their professions, especially after a liberal arts degree, that there is a ceiling on their pay,' Schwab told CBS MoneyWatch."

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Senior leadership opportunities for women 'is still not good enough': Exec

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Creating Pipelines For Women In STEM (Radio)

Jennifer Schwab, CEO at ENTITY Academy, discusses labor and the future of education and work for women in STEM. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

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Entity Academy, an edtech startup that trains, mentors and places women in tech roles, secures $100M

"Women have made great inroads into the tech world in recent years, but there remains a long way to go before we reach a truly equitable state of affairs in workforce numbers, remuneration and product development. An edtech startup called Entity Academy — which provides women with training in areas like data science and software development, mentoring and ultimately job coaching — has raised $100 million on the heels of strong growth of its business and an ambition to improve that ratio."

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