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Our Partners

ENTITY Academy takes a collaborative approach to career upskilling by forging strategic partnerships with universities and other high-level organizations. By teaming up with renowned academic institutions and industry leaders, ENTITY Academy ensures that its career upskilling programs are at the forefront of excellence and relevance.


ENTITY Academy enhances the upskilling experience by establishing impactful partnerships with universities, providing Mentees access to cutting-edge programs and an exceptional Mentor network. Collaborating with esteemed academic institutions, ENTITY Academy ensures that its upskilling programs seamlessly integrate academic rigor. Through these partnerships, Mentees not only gain access to high-quality educational content but also benefit from a diverse and influential Mentor network, offering invaluable guidance and support as they navigate their career paths. This collaborative synergy between ENTITY Academy and universities creates a holistic and empowering learning environment, equipping Mentees with the skills and mentorship needed for success in their professional journeys.


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ENTITY Academy recognizes the critical role of partnering with industry leaders and governments to deliver upskilling programs that cater to a new, diverse workforce. These collaborations ensure that the skills in our Career Catalyst Program align with industry demands, fostering a skilled workforce ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow, while also promoting inclusivity and equal access to opportunities through government support and endorsement.

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