ENTITY is closing the skills, confidence, and wage gaps that disproportionately impact women.


The world is more competitive than ever. Technology moves at an increasingly rapid pace. Industries are disrupted every day. In order to create the life and career you want, you need a competitive edge. We can help.  At ENTITY Academy, we're disrupting traditional education models by staying ahead of the curve. We equip women of all ages with the skills they need to succeed across multiple career landscapes.  Our education programs focus on providing real-world experience, soft skills, and leadership training, as well as mentorship. We help NextGen leaders find an edge to stand out from the crowd. 

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Virtual Academies

ENTITY Virtual Academy is a digital pass to one-of-a-kind mentorship programs. We offer certification courses in Digital Marketing (Writer's Collective In-Virtual-Life) and Data Science. Our preferred provider for the Data Science curriculum is Woz U to ensure our students receive up-to-date training in this rapidly growing field!

These online immersives offer students the opportunity to learn the ENTITY way, but from the comfort of their homes.  As a student, you will receive training for in-demand skills; hear from expert speakers; schedule one-on-one mentorship and career planning sessions; and build a portfolio that will help you stand out in the job hunt. Not only that, but you will also gain access to the ENTITY Mentor Network – the most powerful network of women on the planet.



The ENTITY Writer's Collective is an in-house mentorship program designed to give college students and recent grads a leg up in today's highly competitive career landscape.

This program offers real-world work experience (no fetching coffee here); top-notch curriculum in writing, social media, SEO, digital media, and graphic design/branding; soft skills training in resilience, leadership, and communication; and, of course, world-class mentors.

You'll have the unique opportunity to explore your creative passions while learning from successful women who have been there and done that. Are you ready to accelerate your future? Apply today!

Why ENTITY Academy?

The writing is on the wall, a college degree is no longer enough to get ahead in life. In fact, research shows most employers now believe students graduating from college lack the necessary hard and soft-skills needed for a modern workforce.  Which is why at ENTITY we take a four-pillar approach to education that includes hard skills, soft skills, mentorship, and career success services — all in order to address the whole person and prepare them for the Future of Work. By attending ENTITY Academy, whether online or in Los Angeles, you'll gain the competitive edge you need to build the career you want and join an ever-expanding network of #WomenThatDo. 









What You'll Do

During your time at ENTITY, you'll have the opportunity to work on professional projects (build a marketing deck from scratch, design a personal website, develop a portfolio, write for the magazine); experience horizon-expanding activities (past activities include flying a plane, yoga, museum tours, cooking class); as well as explore exciting careers with company field trips only ENTITY has access to (past companies include UTA, Intel, and XPRIZE). 

Who You'll Meet

ENTITY Academy boasts the most powerful network of mentors on the planet – and that's not an exaggeration. Hear from CEOs, thought-leaders, award-winning actors, authors, and more. Past mentors include Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette,  philanthropist and conservationist Susan Rockefeller, New York Times best-selling author Wednesday Martin, as well as executives from Microsoft, Edelman, Intel, and more!


Access to the ENTITY network is unparalleled and unrivaled. Join us and learn from women who are powerhouses in their field!


Get Hired

At ENTITY Academy our goal is to equip you with the competitive edge you need to create the life and career of your dreams. Which is why our past graduates go on to work for top companies in the U.S. and abroad. From The Hollywood Reporter to the UN, the sky is the limit for ENTITY Academy graduates. 

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Financing Options

ENTITY Academy is an investment in you and your future. As part of our commitment to mentorship, we offer payment plans, partial scholarships (requires a separate scholarship application), and other resources to help students secure funding.


To find out more about financing ENTITY Academy, click the link below.

Key Details


Online Programs

August 9, 2021

Data Science Virtual Academy

DURATION |  33 weeks

COST  |  $15,000*

Summer, 2022

Writer's Collective IVL


DURATION |  4 weeks

COST  |  $5,000*

  • Curriculum, instruction, and mentorship provided by Woz U: $13,300

  • Soft skills and mentorship provided by ENTITY Academy: $1,700

In-House Program

Writer's Collective IRL (In-Real-Life)

For the safety and well-being of our students, mentors, and staff, we have decided to postpone our IRL program until further notice. Please contact angelica@entityacademy.com with any questions.

Postponed due to COVID-19

Need More Info?

You can find more information about ENTITY Academy and our programs on our site.  But if there is more you'd like to learn about us, we've got you covered.


Contact us here or call us Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST at (323) 685-5205.

We are closed for all major federal holidays.