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Are you ready to level up your professional life and enter the growing world of Data Science? Data Scientists and Data Analytics command six-figure salaries and tremendous growth opportunities.


ENTITY Academy can help you join this promising field by providing well-rounded education programs plus upskilling opportunities through our new learning portal. 

When you sign up through ENTITY, you'll also get access to our new LearningVerse platform were you can pick one of three complimentary learning pathways:

  • Business Acumen

  • Critical Thinking

  • Soft Skills

Try us out for 14 days! ​


Chart your own path toward a new career today at ENTITY Academy!


What is ENTITY Academy?

ENTITY Academy is an upskilling marketplace that helps women enter promising careers. Since its start in 2016, ENTITY has been on a mission to help close the gender wealth gap by training, mentoring, and preparing women for 21st-century careers. We provide students with a well-rounded education, career services, and support to make their career transition easier. 

Start your New Career in Data Science

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