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MediaMint - Datorama Specialist

Do you want to grow your career at one of the world's leading advertising companies?

MediaMint is looking for an enthusiastic individual to become part of their data analytics team as a Datorama specialist. The ideal candidate must have a solid and extensive working knowledge of Datorama. Having a certification in Datorama is highly preferred.

Interested in applying? Take a look at the details below.


COMPANY: MediaMint

ROLE: Datorama Specialist

EXPERIENCE: 2 years minimum

OPENINGS AVAILABLE: 1 opening available


HOW TO APPLY: Upload your resume using the button below. Although it is not required, applicants who complete our skills assessment will have a better chance of moving to the next round.

Essential Duties:

  • Process data requests from clients on proprietary programs

  • Conduct root cause analysis independently and summarise results

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand and fulfill client requests

Essential Duties of all Team Members:

  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times

  • Follow company policies as outlined in employee handbook

  • Maintain confidentiality of the company and its partners at all times

  • Support other teams as needed

  • All other duties assigned by management

Skills Required:

  • Must have a solid and extensive working knowledge of Datorama - having a certification in Datorama is highly desirable

  • Knowledge of at least one database (MySQL or Oracle) is required

  • Must be able to work on building dashboards on any BI tool (Tableau/Google Data Studio/Power BI)

  • Must have extensive knowledge and experience working on APIs

  • Excellent organizational skills, including attention to precise details

  • Strong multitasking skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proven ability and initiative

Examples of Datorama Tasks:

  • Refresh, edit and/or repair data sources, data streams and/or APIs

  • Change/edit KPI’s

    • Example: Change the currency of the CPC / media cost from UK pounds to US dollars

    • Example: Change the way a chart is represented

  • Create, add and/or edit filters, charts and views

    • Example: Exclude all the records for which Title= Blank

  • Other modifications to existing dashboard pages

    • Example: Editing existing data fields and/or views

    • Example: Aesthetic and alignment changes

  • Identify and mitigate/repair other data stream failures

  • Identify and mitigate/repair other errors

  • Exclude the row limit of workspace

  • Conduct manual API refreshes beyond default lookback windows

  • Conduct manual taxonomy compliance reporting

  • Conduct data sanctity and checks

  • Test and validate data and/or metrics

Additional Details: Education and experience:

  • College degree: Computer Science or related field

Shift hours:

  • The ideal candidate needs to be comfortable working US shift hours (preferably between 5:00 PM IST to 2:00 AM IST) and should be aligned to client timezone.

What is MediaMint?

At MediaMint, their mission is to provide strategic, operational and technical support that drives performance and delivers outstanding results.

Their vision is to be the transformative operating partner for media and technology clients worldwide. They have a team of strategic thinkers and operationally minded leaders who share a client-first approach. They are invested in building a company of talented, motivated people. And are dedicated to developing a true partnership with each of their clients.


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