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The Best Ways to Get Women into AI, According to Deloitte AI Report

Saying goodbye to the gender gap in AI

Hello ENTITY Community,

A new report from Amazon Web Services and their partner, Deloitte's AI Institute, found that building careers for women in artificial intelligence starts long before recruitment. Educating and mentoring young women about careers in AI is the best way for the industry to close the gender gap.

An ever-growing career field

A recent article from Amazon featured their global head of machine learning at Amazon Web Services, Allie K. Miller, who was involved in the report's examination of how to eliminate gender disparities in the AI space. She shared that, "There are infinite paths to get into AI and machine learning. It’s not this narrow little sidewalk you have to tiptoe. It’s a 14-lane highway.”

But despite the world of opportunities in this ever-growing field, only 26% of data and AI positions in the global workforce are held by women. Deloitte's report finds two major barriers to entry for women in the field: the culture surrounding STEM fields and a lack of awareness of different career paths in AI.


Changing the culture of the AI space

Years before young women begin thinking about a career, they are socialized with stereotypes that assert men are better suited to math and science than women, dissuading them from later pursuing jobs in STEM fields.

Many of the women interviewed in Deloitte's report stated that they never would have considered a career in STEM had they not been influenced by a mentor figure or educational program. Dr. Nashlie Sephus, applied science manager for Amazon Web Services, underscored the importance of a mentor in her career, sharing, "The advice I would have given my younger self on my professional development is ‘don’t be afraid to ask for help.'"

Closing the gender gap

The report ultimately recommends these steps to create a more diverse and inclusive industry:

  1. Showcase women in AI careers to provide an example for future women in the field.

  2. Demystify the AI industry and provide education on what it means to work in AI beyond engineering and tech roles.

  3. Mentor future women in AI and promote a culture of continual learning and development for women to evolve their careers as the industry grows.

  4. Create diversity and inclusion at all levels, particularly where women have been historically underrepresented, to eliminate bias and discrimination.


Mentoring the next generation

At ENTITY, we are strong believers in the power of mentorship and we are dedicated to helping the next generation of women in tech build their careers. We are populating tomorrow's workforce with #WomenThatDo!

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The ENTITY Advantage

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